I am exploring the best Qubes laptop based on the following criteria:

1) Secure/Privacy
2) Usability and maintenance for the layman in need of security
3) Price
4) New laptop

Based on my research the most secure would be:

Older laptops:

-only available as used/refurbished

For a new, currently available on the market(a positive HCL report just came 
Lenovo - T480
I am sure other Lenovo work well...my experience has been good.

Other products I have looked at include:

Carbon 5/Developers - Recalled...potentially good in the future refurbished 
market. Huge value in the fact the Qubes developers use this laptop. A little 

Purism - Libre or coreboot? with proprietery software in BIOs

System 76 - Gaming PC primarily

Thinpenguin - Libre or coreboot? with proprietery software in BIOs, 
manufacturer unsure of 4.0 compatability

Talos2 - expensive(desktop only?)

My specific questions are:
1) A lot of custom gaming laptop makers in the USA...any companies flashing 
Coreboot or Libre on new or refurbished laptops commercially for Linux?
2) My wish list would be able to crack open a laptop and flash 
coreboot(orLibre) but I am concerned this is just too techy. Is it hard to do? 
Is it hard to maintain? Hard to repeat?
3) How risky are the proprietery BIOS? Is this Nation state, Lenovo threats 
only? While I like my privacy I likely have bigger issues if they want access. 
How risky are "stock" BIOs from say a Lenovo...realistically/practically 
4) Is Qubes still better then a Mac or PC even with proprietery BIOS?

I am an open source purist(wannabe) but I need to balance 
usability/practicality. I am trying to understand and quantify the benefit of 
OSS BIOS and the security benefit balanced with ease of 

While its frustrating the hardware compatability challenges, I like the hard 
stance Qubes makes on hardware "certification"....

Any feedback or dialogue is welcome.

(PS Thanks for the forum members for prior posts and helping with the info 

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