One small caveat, whonix-ws updated, everything else says there are no updates? While this is possible I am thinking its unlikely?
I tried to update dom0 from the terminal
     sudo qubes-dom0-update
and got
/usr/lib/qubes/qubes-rpc-multiplexer: 14: /etc/profile.d/ shopt: not found /usr/lib/qubes/qubes-rpc-multiplexer: 14: /etc/profile.d/ shopt: not found
    No new updates available
    No updates available
For what its worth, none of them, not even whonix-ws would update until I set whonix-gw as the NetVMs, even though I had selected the option for appvms to update via tor. I did open a terminal for each template and managed to do updates using apt-get for debian and whonix but not for fedora nor dom0, and not via the qubes manager "update qube" option
For fedora it gave the error
    Error: Failed to synchronize cache for repo qubes-vm-r4.0-current

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