On Saturday, April 14, 2018 at 10:13:10 PM UTC+1, bbrr...@gmail.com wrote:
> System basically works nicely out of the box with Q4.0. I recommend the 
> laptop.
> The only glitch was consistent crash when resuming from suspend. I debugged 
> by shutting down service vm's and narrowed it down to sys-usb. Then detached 
> the second USB controller from sys-usb and everything seems to work fine.  I 
> did not seem to loose any devices/ports doing this but did not do an 
> exhaustive test. 
> I have the high-res screen and text is pretty small. Haven't yet figure out 
> how to scale things up in qubes?

Thanks. Unfortunately it seems to have no effect:

echo Xft.dpi: XXX | xrdb -merge 
xterm &

produces the same size text regardless of XXX

Is there a good application which definitely should honour this resource that I 
can use to test?

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