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Hello guys,

I am a qubes user for nearly three years now and would love to meet
other people, discuss, learn from each other, contribute...
That is why i would like to organize a meetup in the city where i am
currently residing - Berlin.
For starters (first meetup) i think a cafe would be fine. And then
decide where and how often to meet, what do we want to do in particular

Here is a small duddle poll. I think till the end of this week there is
enough time to get an idea if there are enough people wanting to come:



hey, you may have missed previous emails about it but there is a monthly
meeting in Berlin for Qubes users at a local hackerspace. The most
recent meet-up was today.

You can find out more info here:

There is also a mailing list that you can join to be notified about
meetings or otherwise talk.

Hope to see you at the next meet-up,

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