> However, The VM Manager insists on at least 10 GB for each qube. Giving
> up 100 GB with 75 GB empty (i.e. 15 % of total disk space) is steep. So my
> question is: how can I create smaller images for my qubes?

This is thin provisioned on disk, not dedicated. So you could give each VM
100GB, but if you only put a 1MB file in there, it will only take up 1MB
(+ the filesystem metadata overhead) on disk.

> I'm also open to discussing the basic concept: is it worth trying to
> keep, for example, Firefox and GIMP in separate qubes, or should I just
> relax and use one fat TemplateVM with the union of all packages I need?

I'm partial to small, medium, large approach to templates. The large one
has everything, but never gets a network connection. I wouldn't recommend
HVMs for what you are doing; you lose non-persistence of the root

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