On 03/27/18 13:49, velcro-2xk3N/kkaK1Wk0Htik3J/w...@public.gmane.org wrote:
My Fedora setup is still working great. Passes OpenDNS check when they are 
added to config, reconnects generally after I turn off my wireless.

I am trying to get this to work with a stock Debian9 template(upgraded from 
Debian8 with stock install).

I can't seem to get it to work with Debian, the closest I have come is to a pop-up alert 
saying "Ready to connect" or words to that effect. I feel like I am missing a 
basic step in adding OpenVPN. I am adding the following commands:

apt-get install openvpn
apt-get install nautilus
apt-get install network-manager-openvpn-gnome   ?????

It just works using the Fedora 26 template(Not minimal template)...

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance...

Why don't you use the Qubes Docs, and use the command line setup, not network manager, in the long run , it will less of a puzzle IMO.

PS: can you be more explicit what your saying, are you saying VPN works using a Fed-26 template but not a Debian-9 version ?

I don't think anyone can help you if you don't state, what you are doing, and what does and doesn't work :)

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