Qubes crashed a few hours ago, probably due to me trying to open way to
many images in GIMP at once.

After a reboot I cannot open any VM's or the Qube Manager. The network
manager and the tray icon for mounting external disks is also gone.

Trying to open Qube Manager gives an error regarding line 9 in
/usr/bin/qubes-manager. Upon a few hours of googling I found the
errormessage in this thread
https://groups.google.com/d/topic/qubes-users/_D9ioTm8EnU/discussion to be
similar and my qubes.xml is empty as well.

However; every time I overwrite qubes.xml with the newest (non-empty)
backup-file, the file is empty again after a reboot. The shutdown procedure
takes forever and stalls at "Reached target Shutdown". I then forcibly shut
the computer off using the power button. When rebooting, qubes.xml is empty

Any help is really appreciated.


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