On Wed, May 16, 2018 10:08 pm, qubes...@go-bailey.com wrote:
> For a default install of Qubes 4, is there anything else that needs to
> be done in regards to disk trims/discards for SSDs?
> The docs page at:
> https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/disk-trim/
> mentions setting up a systemd timer or a cron job.
> The timer appears to already be set to run by default in Qubes 4.
> The section labeled LUKS also mentions that if LUKS is enabled in dom0
> that discards won't get passed down.
> Step 5 mentions to run fstrim -av and notes that you should see a /
> followed by the number of bytes trimmed. On a default install, running
> it shows the bytes trimmed which suggests that the command is working.

Yes, that may not be a valid test to indicate discards getting passed down
to the drive. I think it's showing trim is working on the LVM thin volume
for dom0, but to get them passed all the way through you need to edit
lvm.conf and that crypttab option.

> Not sure if the docs aren't quite up-to-date for the defaults for the
> release version of 4.0. So was curious if anything else needed to be
> done for a default install to make sure trimming is working and getting
> passed down the chain.

Not sure how to word it better in the document, please submit a PR if you
have suggestions!

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