On 05/17/18 09:13, john wrote:
In new Fed28 template I am getting fedora-27  updates  sigh

I now have persistent green arrows in Fed26 template and the Fed28 just created from the cloned Fed26 , but sadly I am seeing the Fed27 updates in what is supposed to be Fed28 .......

Must I go and make a Fed27 template before  going to Fed28 ,  I'm confused,

or which repos  would I check and/or update  to fix this if possible?

ya, disregard, somehow I went to 27 not 28 , maybe that is why the last trial going from 26-28 "worked" , maybe I'll just now clone 27 to 28

but I still don't get why the Fed26 arrows and ..27 arrows in VM manager 4.0 persist ....

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