wanted to contribute as I find this project Awesome:


- The AMD Vega 56 (the report states 64 but it seems to have gotten that
wrong) is not yet supported out of the box, so it was only letting me go in
the text based installer first (which doesnt work, always ran into #2113 ,
as you cant hand over the LUKS password to the installer). Driver support
will only come when kernel 4.15 will be used.
Problem was overcome by installing a second GPU (which I will need anyways
for PCIe pass through)
- Seems like the software based fTPM 2.0 that is integrated in the Ryzen
2600 isnt yet supported (I switched it on in Bios, Windows worked with it),
but I havent looked deeper into it. Is there a final word out there
already, if fTPM is less secure than dTPM?

Thank you guys, and continue your great work.

Johannes Lutmayr

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