> Some obvious questions.
> You say the interface is correctly configured.
> Do you have any routes set in the Windows box?
> Do you see traffic outbound on the iface?
> If you sniff traffic inbound on the vif attached to the Windows HVM, do
> you see anything there? (I mean sniff on the proxyVM)

Hi Unman, thanks for your help.

To eliminate some potential Windows issues I chose to boot on a fedora 28 live 
cd in this HVM.

I configured the eth0 interface with the following command to copy a normal 
qubes configuration :

ifconfig eth0 (HVM IP) netmask broadcast
route add -host (ProxyVM IP) dev eth0
route add default gw eth0

I identified vif14 on ProxyVM, it corresponds to the HVM interace.

I launched tcpdump -n -i vif14.0 on ProxyVM, telnet from (HVM) to port 8080 (web server on qube I'm trying to reach, working great 
from a third qube)

telnet doesn't connect but here's the result of tcpdump :


Any help appreciated

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