On Tue, Sep 25, 2018 at 7:49 AM, Holger Levsen <hol...@layer-acht.org>

> On Mon, Sep 24, 2018 at 06:52:30PM -0300, Franz wrote:
> > I understand that the Lenovo x230 does not have the power to properly set
> > the two displays each with the correct resolution, but in mirror mode,
> they
> > are exactly the same and it works.
> I use an x230 here with an external 4k display and it works nicely, with
> or without using the internal display as well. (using the mini-displayport
> output, not VGA.)
> As a start, I'd recommend to run "xrandr --auto" in dom0.
Thanks Holger,

my external monitor only has a VGA port so I do not know how to connect it
to the mini-display port.

Using the VGA connection it works only as mirror. If I try to keep the
laptop screen at its original resolution 1366x768, and the external screen
at 1024x768, then the external screen shows only  the Qubes logo (you know
the big white Q with the same Q broken into pieces) and if I move the mouse
to the right, over the border of the laptop screen, it goes into the
external screen. So it seems the laptop screen and the external screen show
different things. But the external screen with the Qubes logo is useless.

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> cheers,
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