On Sun, Oct 07, 2018 at 06:31:04PM -0700, alexw8...@gmail.com wrote:
> Hello, I have qubes (r4.0) installed on a USB.  I have 3 USB Controllers on 
> my laptop.  When I am running qubes and try attaching a USB device,  it 
> always uses the same USB Controller(the usb qubes is installed/dom0) 
> regardless of the USB port I am using.
> Is there a way to switch this?  I wanted to try and create a USB qube just 
> for untrusted usb devices.  I know I cant use the one dom0 is on but I have 
> two more controllers I would like to utilize if possible for this. 

Are you sure you have 3 controllers? Many laptops only have one.
It sounds as if you have 1 controller and 3 attached ports. You can't
change this without hardware modification. 
Some laptops have controllers allocated to "internal" devices like
mouse/keyboard, but not to external ports. Not much use to you.
Check the output of 'sudo lsusb -v' and 'sudo lspci -v'


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