Stephan Marwedel:
I have a Thinkpad T470p which is equipped with two SSDs. Archlinux is installed on one drive and Qubes on the other. I use the UEFI Boot Menu to switch between operating systems without using multi-boot from a boot manager. Qubes 4.0 runs very well on this machine.

Since the T470p is now supported by the Linux Firmware Vendor Service I did the last BIOS update from Archlinux using fwupdmgr. Everything went smoothly. Unfortunately, after the update I was no longer able to boot Qubes because the UEFI boot configuration for the second drive was somehow deleted.

How can one recover the UEFI boot environment of Qubes 4.0? I tried using the Qubes installer but there is no shell access to run grub-install or efibootmgr. Can I do it from the Archlinux drive or a Fedora boot media?

Yes, Fedora boot media should work. Try searching this list for "efibootmgr"- should get the magic string for it in there somewhere.

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