On Sat, Nov 03, 2018 at 06:57:40PM -0700, William Fisher wrote:
> I just installed qubes 4.0 and the disk manager doesn’t start and show any 
> disk drives. It just shows the settings for the mAnager. I can’t get the 
> manager to start. I try to install or back-up vms and when I try to select a 
> destination I get the error: whoops a Critical error has occurred. This is 
> most likely a bug in Qubes Restore VMs application. Qubes VM Error. Cannot 
> start Dom0 fake domain at line 102 of file base.py

I've commented in another post on the "disk manager" issue.
Can you explain exactly what you mean by "select a destination" when
installing a qube? Are you trying to select a backup file from dom0? Or
from a disk attached to another qube?

On my updated 4.0, if I open the "Restore Qubes" application, I can
select a Qube (including dom0), and then click the '...' button, and a
file browser opens.

Is this what you are trying to do?
A better description of the steps you take that lead up to the error
would be helpful.

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