On Mon, Nov 05, 2018 at 03:23:27PM -0800, William Fisher wrote:
> I have a Widows 7 VM saved on a HDD from my previous Qubes 3.2 and I am 
> trying to install it and various other VMs that were “Backed up”  On that HDD 
> to my Qubes 4.0 installation. The HDD is recognizied by Qubes 4.0 but I can’t 
> see it on the Back up/restore list of files and I do not know how to start 
> the Disk File Manager tool to “mount” the HDD to access the stored VMs. 

I think that awokd has suggested the right path.
Attach the block device to another qube, and then select *that* qube
in the back up tool.

Was the HDD encrypted?
What was the partition scheme?
If so you will need to decrypt it, and mount the relevant partitions in
the qube to which you attach the device.

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