I've even tried to unistall and reinstall Whonix using"How to install the 
stable version of Qubes-Whonix 14 but still get:

ERROR: Tor Bootstrap Result: 
Whonixcheck gave up waiting. 
Tor Circuit: not established 
Bootstrapping 85 % done. Tor reports: WARN BOOTSTRAP PROGRESS=85 
TAG=handshake_or SUMMARY="Finishing handshake with first hop" 
RECOMMENDATION=ignore HOSTID="D64366987CB39F61AD21DBCF8142FA0577B92811" 
Possible issues: 
- Is the host's internet connection working? 
- Whonix-Gateway will need a few moments for bootstrapping the Tor network. 
- Do you live in a censored area? 
- Tor needs a reasonable correct time to be able to connect. 
Please check, that the time inside this virtual machine (09/11/2018 07:52:06) 
is correct. (A clock that is slow or fast up to 30 minutes is okay.) If the 
time is incorrect, please manually fix it. 

1. Open a terminal. (dom0 -> Start Menu -> ServiceVM: sys-whonix -> Terminal) 
2. Set the clock to the correct time in UTC. (Example.) 
sudo date --set "2018-11-09 02:30:00" 
Shut down Whonix and try to get the Tor Browser Bundle from 
https://www.torproject.org working on your host. If you cannot get the Tor 
Browser Bundle to work, you will most certainly not get Whonix to work either. 
The Tor Browser Bundle is great for testing if you live in a censored area. If 
you need bridges for the Tor Browser Bundle, you will need them for Whonix as 
Try again: dom0 -> Start Menu -> ServiceVM: sys-whonix -> Whonix Check 
or in Terminal: whonixcheck 
or in Terminal with debugging: whonixcheck --debug --verbose 
Use arm, connection page two, to see if Tor is connected: 
dom0 -> Start Menu -> ServiceVM: sys-whonix -> Arm
or in Terminal: arm

What is going on?   I even updated from Qubes 3.2 to 4.0 with NO TOR browser.

I'm totally lost and very frustrated with Qubes after days of trying and 
updating and reinstalling...


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