> I went thru the steps to remove any existing whonix.  No errors were reported.
> Then I issued the command to re-install whonix-14.
> Whonix does not work.  Whenever I boot up one of the VMs based on the new 
> whonix, I find that qrexec-agent is crashing.
> [   15.903799] qrexec-agent[789]: segfault at 70d5257f6ff8 ip 
> 000070d5255f3355 sp 000070d5257f7000 error 6 in ld-2.24.so[70d5255dd000+23000]
> This is similar to whonix-9 template issues some have seen.
> qubesdb-daemon also segfaults in the same manner earlier in the boot.

Please report this to:


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