On Thursday, January 24, 2019 at 7:35:59 PM UTC-8, Andrew David Wong wrote:

> pixel fairy, please let us know of fully removing the old template first
> doesn't fix the problem.

thats what i ended up doing. i had to reinstall to delete them. then it worked. 

then, with whonix, sys-firewall was full. changed the templates system storage 
max size to 20G. that problems hit me a few times before, but i think this 
should fix it. dnf clean all was not enough, probably because of how much is 
installed in the template.
> >> Why would using
> >> qubes*testing instead fix whatever is causing that command to fail?
> >> Would that somehow force cache busting for some reason?
> > 
> > No. But it would be easier - no need to think in which repository given
> > template is. In this particular case, it should be fine as given
> > template is only in one of those repositories.
> > 
> Sure, I can see it being easier. I'd specify it as
> `qubes-templates*testing` to be safe, though. Otherwise, user error
> could easily lead to pulling updates from `qubes-dom0-current-testing`
> that they didn't mean to get and aren't prepared to deal with.
> >>> Also, using the 'upgrade' action is a lot less confusing. The official
> >>> steps are needlessly painful.
> > 
> >> Would it be worth updating the QSB? (CC: Marek)
> > 
> PR: https://github.com/QubesOS/qubes-secpack/pull/26
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> 7DB/wYpp5AndG+3pHM8TWcCTOC7cSAqMxj5pgqUMnOOunG5Ic8nVnUEU1YdBSM51
> uPJuXeR7/sZ33eWUKN5QrRP/Yb4TLORYjouWR6tI60j8ReE7xyYre5TpTBnroIZE
> Aq4+IYBrjqqSZcBJRhqcshtgDF6A2/AUhLeZZpokA9eL7KDxCG2L1QVjiO6c6DhM
> ARc0SxsKhAOzxRUj1PqHQvtQCEhX5MvjkjgfwY7aDD9IGMmZU7/7+CR8QrilMICq
> p4dJQWyiMmvwyQS0xBJEPEkUuHO89CTZ7VNs8/S1jhPwyo6myDwekKhmAS7Nc/Iz
> G71YjwrV3+C7I31JiEEwe2y30RLncZdn9t+oySoCeznrvwtoK8cFzeJ9616As5Yz
> smXgoGKQmyKnRw7WIto1MuLbvVr8NUGzY7PWCOmPASDu2UAnWgkIn6aTrJd9KWPB
> 4TZHhu+YVHVahkqugZSQ8g7aoaJ/7aURERlURASz1yDEPsmbmLt+4oI4PZUpCjHC
> 2fpXTSCqOPK1GqX1Hyxi5EnldbBCyoMbU+LwikD+8k+zc02U/iY=
> =DiKo

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