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> > 2/ 
> > Imagine that apt-transport-https *had* been adopted - have you actually
> > looked at the list of vulnerabilities in libcurlnd the various
> > breakages in the TLS CA system?

that. plus, apt is running as root and apt-transport-https needs to
parse untrusted input...

> You appear to be saying that Debian have created a package;
> apt-transport-https which is not fit for purpose? Have you notifified
> them of this? and if so what was their response?

one of the reasons Debian has not made apt-transport-https is that there
is a trade-off between gaining some security properties by using https
and loosing some (see above in this very mail)...

what really would need to be done would be to rewrite/patch apt, to do all the
certificate verification as less priviledged user. I *believe* modern apt
suports this (at least I have an _apt user in my /etc/passwd on stretch
systems, but not on jessie), but I'm not sure (read: i have no idea)
whether apt-transport-https uses that too.


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