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> What do you yourself use?
Hope I can answer too. 

I use an X230 with Intel ME disabled from BIOS. It costs about 160€ on
the second hand market and it has pretty decent hardware. Lenovo claims
that Intel ME can be disabled, but Intel ME is still running and may
accept remote shadow connections given a signed certificate from Intel.

This is why I am only reading the mailing list and not using Qubes. At
present, I consider Qubes as an interesting development, but not
reaching its goals because dom0 can be penetrated using Intel ME.

I am quite amused by tails sending an update command on each boot. You
can be sure to light red light in a control center and be penetrated
within seconds if need be. Remember that governments have control of
most outgoing nodes. So neither do I use Tor.

You just can't simply store valuable documents on a computer when
connected to a network. Companies that care about security should have
a complete process to manage workstations and internal networks,
without access to the Internet. We are back to ancien times.

Kind regards,
Alexandre Belgrand

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