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> Hello All,
> I have a laptop from family that is rarely used,but with windows10 installed 
> on it,arguably the most infamous windows version.
> If I install Qubse4.0 on this laptop, would qubes completely wipe windows10 
> away?  
> Since some hardware's ID numbers are registered with microsoft in update 
> process,and maybe even UUID, 
> would microsoft still be able to track this laptop when it's online?
> Second option, is to take off the harddrive with windows10 and change to a 
> completely new one purely for qubes. 
> with the concern above still there-the hard ware records---can microsoft 
> track THIS laptop when it's online?
> * by installed with windows 10 ---I mean it pressed the agree button on 
> microsoft agreement when new laptop 
>   switched on, this stage is offline,
>   and pressed 'update' button, and fully updated with microsoft and 
> registered with it, this part is online.
> Please advi
>  se, thank you

MS wouldn't be able to track you from anything on your hdd. BUt not sure why 
you would be worried about that?   Tor would help keep your location anonymous, 
 but to block browser fingerprints you would probably be better off using 
whonix which has tor browser.  But i'm not really sure how effective it is at 
stopping that.

I think Qubes is more for home desktop security,  not really anonymity.  Maybe 
tails on a flash drive is more for your use case.

 Google is probably tracking you more and actually making money off your 
browsing habits.  But There is nothing wrong with installing Qubes on your 
machine.   I mean are you afraid of Microsoft assassinating you, throwing you 
in jail?  I'm not sure they even make ad money off you unless you are using 
windows 10,  and probably only then when using an MS account on a non hardened 

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