On 3/16/19 1:39 PM, Andrew David Wong wrote:
I agree that backups are the best assurance, but this is in no way
Qubes-specific. I'd say the same thing about any operating system.

However, Qubes does require the use of snapshot-capable storage for
reasonable efficiency and this is not yet Linux' strength.

Here's where Chris and I disagree. I've been using Qubes' built-in
backup functionality for many years to great effect. Granted, I
usually run it overnight, so time and system load aren't concerns for
me. It just depends on your needs.

I was probably too vague here. The idea was that, apart from the issue of backups, storage integrity on a Linux COW layer (Thin LVM, Btrfs) isn't regarded as top-notch. But I think this is more true of Thin LVM than Btrfs. Someone wishing to guard against data loss on their Qubes+Linux system in the first place (which seems to be an issue for John) could be excused for thinking their options are not the best.


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