“The install appeared successful. I was able to add 
Chromium to an appVM. When I started the appVM and launched Chromium 
from the menu... nothing! No window, no error message. I tried a number 
of times (the reason for just re-trying will be mentioned below). ”

This stood out for me and was not addressed by others, so I’ll ask the obvious 
question. Did you install the software in the appVM as you stated or did you 
install in the template VM the appVM was based on?  For most installed 
software, it needs to be installed in the Template VM for it to be there after 
the appVM is bounced. Installing in the appVM causes the install to be lost on 
the next reboot of that appVM since it gets its installed software from the 
Template. I usually clone the distro templates and install my stuff there and 
then create appVMs with my copies. That way I can be sure that the distro 
templates remain upgradable via QM.  

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