On Fri, Mar 22, 2019 at 06:00:31PM -0700, deepdarkn...@gmail.com wrote:
> Thank you, 22. Would you recommend installing software through the terminal, 
> or can you use the same procedure - enabling the network - to install 
> software via the software manager?
> I did install Libre Office using your instructions, and it came out perfect. 
> As I had already created an appvm, I just selected the clone as the template, 
> and it worked out fine.
> Would you recommend cloning the whonix template too, for any changes. I am 
> bacailly only adding bookmarks and passwords to whonix.
> Many thanks,
> Steven 

Dont enable the network.

Use whatever tools you are comfortable with - the Debian templates dont
have a GUI software manager by default but you can install one as you
You can clone the whonix template of course. If you add bookmarks, then
you are reducing the anonymity of the qubes, and subverting the whonix
paradigm. You are free to do this.
Your moniker suggest you may not want to.

Why add passwords? Again, they will link every qube based on the
template. More convenient, of course. (I'm assuming you are talking of
web bookmarks). 

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