On 3/24/19 2:27 AM, unman wrote:
On Sat, Mar 23, 2019 at 06:31:07PM +0000, Jon deps wrote:
On 3/19/19 4:59 PM, Steven Walker wrote:
I am still pretty new to Qubes. I have managed to create a new qube, but I want 
to install some software for use with this qube. I have read that it has to be 
installed to the template and not the actual qube. As the template has no 
actual network connection, how do I go about this?

Using 4.0.1, Fedora 29

Any help greatly appeciated.


pretty sure, there are different ways to skin the cat, though

the Templates are designed to obtain access indirectly, that is what the
"salt" stuff is they talk about ....it seems by default to be setup to use
sys-whonix-14  to  install updates  , somewhat magically

you can actually change the netvm without shutting down the templates

generally it's bad form  to give  the templates direct access,  though may
you might want to once in while  in order  to troubleshoot something , etc
.....testing it the morning ,  you should be able to install non updates
without  Direct  access

for me  Templates  aren't  worth backing up  , I'm not worried about my
system  melting down  much ..... and anyway  its going to be best to fresh
install , which is easy-ist  in Qubes, which is one of the beauties of the
technology ....

hence, I clone for other reasons

one word of advice  is  keep a paper list of  custom  packages you install
so when it goes to Fedora-30  you install fresh and then add back fresh
packages ,  your files  will persist,

my problem  what few files I have end up spread out over  10 App Qubes

It's only if you selected the "update over Whonix" option on install that you 
updating using sys-whonix qube. It's not the default.
Salt doesnt have anything to do with the "indirect" access - the access
is using qubes-rpc to the UpdateProxy - the proxy to use is set in
You can change the proxy to use by editing that file.

You *can* use salt to install software in to the templates. If you do
this then you need only maintain the salt formula and you can easily
recreate a template, without having to keep a paper list. That's an
ideal way of using salt to configure your systems.

I think I'm stuck  at   mere mortal  qube user  level  forever  :)


PS: for some reason I am able to $sudo dnf install foosoftware in Fedora-29 though I have no "direct" netvm for the Template , though I recall in the past allowing netvm access for packages I wanted to install, or maybe when I was trying to install a VPN to the template, gave up and installed it in the AppVM I guess

There is a 3rd trick to discern whats custom installed IIRC , though maybe it was more for Debian than Fedora if one searches the usergroup fwiwwwwww

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