Interestingly, this apparently problematic 4.19.43 kernel did not break
my Dom0 or Fedora-29, but instead, broke sys-whonix: I can connect
through any chain of net-vms to clearnet, including through debian-9
VMs with 4.19.43. However, I could not get out to the internet via
sys-whonix, until selecting an older kernel in sys-whonix itself. I'm
not sure if that issue has been noted yet. A further twist is that
updates via tor to onion repos still worked with the bad kernel in
sys-whonix. It was only non-update traffic that could not make it
through sys-whonix. This all happens with 4.19.43 in Dom0, and with
kernel-latest (5-something) in Dom0, which had no impact on the issue.

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