The reason I want to do what the title of this post says is I want to dual 
boot, however my graphics card doesn't completely work without CSM and common 
wisdom says having that off for installing an OS for a UEFI machine will save 
me headache. I also can't change my default GPU, my UEFI changes it 
automatically depending on if my graphics card is sloted in.

My plan:
Step 1: Install Qubes OS 4.0.1 with CSM disabled and with no graphics card,
Step 2; do the needed tasks (updating VM's, setting up anti-evil maid, ect.),
Step 3; change CSM setting to enabled in UEFI menu,
Step 4; insert my Nvidia graphics card in the first PCIe slot,
Step 5; after all that start up my PC and install Nouveau drivers in dom0 if 
Qubes doesn't already have Nouveau drivers.

Good plan or no? What sort of problem(s) could I come come across, if any?

Unplugging my Windows install hard drive is probably a good idea.

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