On 6/15/19 4:44 PM, john s. wrote:
On 6/15/19 12:50 AM, Chris Laprise wrote:
On 6/14/19 6:00 PM, Jon deps wrote:
On 6/5/19 8:00 PM, Chris Laprise wrote:
On 6/2/19 3:41 AM, Finn wrote:
I've installed Qubes-OS 4.0.1 and it's XFCE desktop environment but I
would rather prefer either KDE or GNOME desktop environment. I found
this document[1] where mentioned that Qubes-OS is migrating towards
GNOME but at the time of installation only XFCE (neither KDE nor GNOME)
is available. I was wondering, is there a way I can use my preferred
desktop environment? Or, I have to wait for GNOME until migration is not fully completed because it seems currently there is no support for KDE.

[1]: https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/usability-ux/

KDE does have support AFAIK, although its no long the default. If you can get used to the blank-space network icon, then I recommend KDE as there are many pluses.

I don't believe Qubes is actually going to migrate to Gnome. There was an aborted attempt and Gnome 3's paradigm (tablet touch UI, melded WM/app widgets) doesn't seem compatible with Qubes' concept.

seems to want about 4 times  the dom0  RAM   and still  buggy  am getting all these  flashing  windows bar and applications menu  hit and miss giving dom0 memory boost 800 MiB and minimal qubes memory 400 MiB or so ,  so gave up

btw,  is there any documentation on recommended RAM for  dom0  using XFCE

I'd like to put back the  Default memory settings  but  don't know what they are

What GPU does your system have? I'm running KDE comfortably in only 1.5GB dom0 memory, and my graphics are Intel HD integrated.

I don't recall the exact procedure to set dom0 memory. It begins with changing GRUB_CMDLINE_XEN_DEFAULT in /etc/default/grub and then you run a command to update it.

so your 1.5GB  of dom0  memory  is  NOT  the  dom0 "memory boost" in the Qubes Global Settings?  which I'm assuming is akin to  "maxmem"  for other VMs ?

Right, its the base dom0 memory settings, which you can also add temporarily from grub menu (hit 'e', make change then boot). My dom0 'memory boost' in Qubes Global Settings is only 160MB.

The dom0 kernel I'm using is 4.19.43.

I also have intel integrated graphics,  maybe kabylake generation

Mine is Ivy Bridge, much older.

at minimal qube memory 1564  and  dom0 memory boost  5138      I am still finding it unusable   the  app menus  don't appear ,  I keep fighting the taskbar widgets  which then somehow  I make appear on the desktop not the  taskbar,  then  can't get them back on the taskbar, etc,  which maybe a / the KDE learning curve ..... nice to see something less austere  using Qubes, that I might be able to understand   but

if it requires me to change something in Grub  and not just the  Global Settings  ...maybe time to give up  :)

What happens if you change to sddm, what I'm using? In fact, it seems I removed lightdm from dom0.

Also, for something easy to try, you can turn off the compositor with Alt-Shift-F12. And the KDE compositor settings are under Display / Compositor.

If none of that works, it may simply be a compatibility problem that the old Fedora 25 possesses.


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