After I Add network controller to sys-net I go to applications to add network 
shortcut but no applications appear but when I try to refresh I get the 
following error: ‘Domain sys-net has failed to start: internal error: 
libxenlight failed to create new domain sys-net’ 
I can’t edit anything under network connections . 
When I go to says-firewall I get the error: sys-firewall is connected to 
sys-net which does not support firewall. But I get a loop error when I try to 
add the firewall I get a loop error.

Also I set up my network as: sys-net(with Realtek network device added)-> none 
sys-firewall-> says-net is this a secure setup? 

If someone could help me give me a full explanation on how to connect to the 
internet it would be greatly appreciated.

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