It appears the USB stick that was used to flash the ISO was not sufficient. 
Switched to a 16GB USB stick as the previous was only 8GB. The 16GB USB stick 
worked. After installing the QUBES OS it was pretty straightforward thereafter. 
The reason was because had already experienced PARROT OS. Now...

The problem with QUBES OS is not the security architecture. The problem is the 
ease of convenience when it comes to to eh various VM instances. As a new user 
to QUBES OS, it seems more complicated than usual. One of the main issues was 
the ethernet tethering passthrough. That was so difficult to set up due to the 
lack of or vague instructions. QUBES OS should have a more user friendly 
interface or framework. While it does seem simple as it can get, The ability to 
maneuver in the infrastructure can be confusing. Sometimes just using 
VIRTUALBOX can seem much more easier because of its visual 
compartmentalization. Along with the extension pack to share data between, 
QUBES OS does not have this setting options. In QUBES OS, you have to do it 
each time? Anyways, hope to some QUBES OS improvement in terms of interface and 
ease of use?

You should give PARROT OS a try to get familiar with some features that QUBES 
OS can truly benefit from. Had to revert to PARROT OS again to use the 
tethering that was difficult to setup in QUBES OS.

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