About corruption and reliability of data being stored, regardless of whether or 
not it is sensitive data or day to day files, is not entirely the 
responsibility of the Qubes OS itself. There are many factors to consider, the 
software being used, the filesystem being used, the components of the distro 
being used, and etc.

This is based on my personal experience on using qubes on a daily basis for 
almost over a year already.

So far I've only encountered corruption of data through the use of 
qvm-copy/qvm-move commands to move stuff from vm to vm and this is a rare case 
too since it probably only happens once or twice over a hundred times. With 
this in mind, the LVM thin fs of Qubes I believe, is extremely reliable.

So with that I believe the problem most likely leans more towards the software 
that you are using, with respect to the distro that you are using as well.

I haven't had much trouble using any software so far in my experience of using 
qubes provided they have the right dependencies installed, with respect to my 
usage of fedora minimal template.

Despite that however, I agree with your sentiment about USB devices and the 
detaching notification though I am not entirely dependent on it since I can go 
ahead and confirm myself whether or not the usb device was detached by running 
"sudo lsblk" on the qube where the USB was attached and on the sys-usb qube 
itself. Convenience-wise, it is bad yes and there is definitely room for 

Also mind you that flash is a HUGE BLOB of SECURITY RISK. If you're using qubes 
for security reasons then using flash is really counterproductive against it 
not unless you really know what you're doing.

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