Everything works flawlessly except return from suspend, where sys-usb
is frozen and needs a restart. I am now in the habit of simply turning
off sys-usb before suspending.

I did have one nasty surprise: this machine is fitted for a maximum of
8G of RAM. There is in fact only one RAM socket. A pleasant surprise
after this was that, for me, it is actually usable. Once or twice a day
I have to turn something off to start something else, but so far this
has been tolerable. Obviously, YMMV.

I have an X230 with 16G of RAM, so buying a later model that cannot
handle as much RAM was a real kick in the butt. (Thanks, Lenovo.)
Because of the RAM fiasco, I think it would be a real good idea if
this report makes it into the HCL. It is noticeably faster than the
X230, but the X230 is still a better machine for a Qubes user.

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