Couldn't you just use a dedicated VM and thunderbird, don't set up outbound 
in thunderbird?

On Tuesday, August 6, 2019 at 1:11:32 AM UTC-5, wrote:
> Some time ago there was a post on reddit (
> that 
> described setting up an offline mail vm. Just kill the "send" part there 
> and you'll get a mail black hole that receivs but never sends. Seems like 
> this is more or less what you want.
> On Tuesday, August 6, 2019 at 5:06:54 AM UTC+3, wrote:
>> In Qubes, is it possible to set up a VM that can receive email, but not 
>> send information out, via email or otherwise?
>> The motivation is: Many online accounts rely on an email address to reset 
>> passwords. However, the VM that handles inbound emails, processes a lot of 
>> untrusted input. If the VM gets compromised by an attacker, the attacker 
>> can then send password reset emails and read them. So to defend against 
>> this, I want to prevent the compromised VM from communicating out the 
>> contents of these password reset emails.
>> Specifically:
>> 1. Assume the VM is compromised (can't rely on in-VM enforcement 
>> mechanisms).
>> 2. Assume the email provider is not compromised
>> To further illustrate the problem, here are example setups and why they 
>> don't work:
>> Setup 1: Use qubes firewall to restrict to the email provider's server 
>> and IMAP port. Block UDP requests using qvm-firewall.
>> Why it doesn't work: Attacker can create an account on the same email 
>> provider and connect to their account (the firewall rules will not prevent 
>> this). They can then sync emails containing any data, to their account.
>> Setup 2: Like Setup 1, but use POP3.
>> Why it doesn't work: Attacker creates account at provider, transmits data 
>> via POP3 delete operations.
>> Does anyone have a email setup with this inbound-only property, ideally 
>> that does not require running their own email server?
>> Thank you.
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