I have commissioned the creation of a coreboot Lenovo W520.

It is already running Qubes 4.x, but I will likely do a reinstall just for the 
experience and to put it together with my GUI of choice etc...

I will have a 240+GB SSD for the main OS and certain VM's.

I will move my 2TB hdd over and set it up for the data areas which are just 
plain too big for the SSD, much like I have my current setup.

It has the Nvidia graphics which loses the ability to run the VGA port without 
a blob I don't want to include in it, so external monitors will have to be USB 

It will be equipped with 16GB of RAM as well initially, then I will up it to 24 
in order to save 8 for this machine, which I will commission as a backup server 
for my home network (not running qubes, but it is is still core booted...and I 
will be running Debian with VirtualBox VM's for various things...like I did 
before Qubes and like I do now of my current home "server".

I will finally get off of Qubes 3.2...  ;)

I have not been actually reading the 4.0 messages here, but I have been 
downloading them and will read through them for any issues I have before 
bugging folks here...other than an up front question:

Is there any known issues with a corebooted W520 and Qubes 4.x?


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