Hello awokd,

No. I updated my Whonix templates from stable repo. Here's exactly what I did:

1. I updated whonix-gw-15 and whonix-ws-15 from stable repo (plenty of packages to update), and the popup appeared when shutting down these two templateVMs;

2. I restarted sys-whonix after templateVMs were shut down, and updated dom0 using sys-whonix from stable repo; two packages related to kernel were updated, but the popup still appeared when trying to start Whonix-based VMs;

3. I updated dom0 from the current-testing repo; the popup problem persisted;

4. I rebooted my PC, and the problem is still there.

Pressing "Cancel" in the popup makes the popup go away and the VM start or shutdown procedure resume as usual. The popup appears about 3-4 times on VM start, random , and 1 time on VM shutdown.

I have encountered this popup problem before, and was able to fix it by updating dom0 to current-testing repo, but this time it doesn't work. So if there is a way to solve it, I would like to know. Thanks!

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