/etc/qubes-rpc/policy/whonix.NewStatus, and it had only one line:

@anyvm    @anyvm    ask

I then added a line "$tag:anon-vm    $tag:anon-gateway    allow" at the top of the file. It seems that this fixed the popup problem. Also, I noticed anon-whonix now appears in the right-click menu of sys-whonix sdwdate-gui icon. I am not sure if this is OK security wise, though. If not, I will try your suggestion and update my Whonix templates from testing repo. Anyway, thank you for the idea which helped me find the solution. Many thanks!

Mine has these three lines in it, not sure why ours are different since both our dom0's have been updated:

$tag:anon-vm $tag:anon-gateway allow
$tag:anon-vm sys-whonix allow
$anyvm $anyvm deny

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