During the first-boot setup of R4.0.1, I chose to "Enable system and
template updates over the Tor anonymity network using Whonix". I left
all other settings at their defaults.

I rebooted, obtained an Internet connection and followed the prompts to
Configure Tor, which completed successfully.

Afterwards, I followed the advice on the Installation Guide page and
upgraded all the Debian and Whonix templateVMs using the supplied
commands in a Dom0 console.

During the download process, I noticed two things: first, the updates
were performed using sys-firewall as a template for an UpdateVM (as
described in the documentation); and the download speeds were much
quicker than I normally expect from a Tor connection (over 1.5Mbps).

This gave me some concern because sys-firewall is the last step before
sys-net, and from there to the Internet - where was the Whonix/Tor
stage? The download speeds also suggested I wasn't using Tor at all for
these updates.

Based on the settings I chose, should I have expected the
qubes-dom0-update commands to leverage a Tor connection? Does it seem
likely that they did in this case? In future, what steps can I take to
verify that performing similar updates will use Tor?

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