> Looks like you're using UEFI boot instead of grub, so kernel options are 
> right next door to the Xen options in xen.cfg- look one line down for 
> "kernel=". :) This is where I see rhgb quiet. 
> Plymouth.ignore-serial-consoles is new; you might also try removing, but 
> it could be there for a reason. 
Contrary to my believe i did had not searched for rhgb and just assumed it 
would be in the "options=" line.
You were right, after deleting it from the kernel i see dmesg messages and 
slight different UI for password. ESC key switches back and forth. 
Also adding pci=noaer in the kernel line finally removed the messages. 

Could not find a solution how, if even possible to pick which kernel to 
boot or/and modify kernel parameters before booting like i am used from 
grub by pressing 'e'.
Does UEFI Boot support this or/and how can i safely switch my setup to grub 
boot? I would like to see what happens when i remove the plymouth option (:

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