'awokd' via qubes-users:

Could not find a solution how, if even possible to pick which kernel to
boot or/and modify kernel parameters before booting like i am used from
grub by pressing 'e'.
Does UEFI Boot support this or/and how can i safely switch my setup to grub
boot? I would like to see what happens when i remove the plymouth option (:

UEFI boot doesn't support on-the-fly modifications like grub. You can
edit that xen.cfg and change the default= to a different entry, but it
won't take effect until next boot. It might be possible to switch boot
to grub, but I wouldn't call it "safe". Some of the new systems only
support UEFI booting, for example, so switching to grub might break boot.

Doesn't grub support UEFI? That is, can't the firmware's UEFI loader load grub in UEFI mode (grub.efi), which can then boot other OSes just like it does in legacy mode (with menu, command line, config editor etc)? So grub should work fine on a UEFI-only machine, shouldn't it?

Actually, I found that if you install qubes on another partition on a machine that already has qubes (or maybe any OS), (perhaps only if they share a /boot), the qubes installer will enable grub (the UEFI entry becomes grub.efi instead of xen.efi). And I'm pretty sure legacy boot was disabled when I did it.

So I'm not sure why it would be unsafe. In fact I'm thinking about manually enabling grub (in UEFI mode) just to ease troubleshooting in the future should I ever run into any boot issues. Just my take, but I could be wrong.

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