Sorry guys, another couple of questions!

I was trying to manually correct the .onion addresses in the dom0 repos
at qubes-dom0.repo and qubes-templates.repo. I had the new address in a
text file on a flash drive. I think the advice is not to connect flash
drives directly to dom0 so I attached it to the Vault domain instead.
Then I discovered I didn't know how to copy/paste the text from that
domain's clipboard to dom0.

In the official documentation "Copying from (and to) dom0", there is no
mention at all of how to copy text via the clipboard from a domain to
dom0. What is the method to use?

Later, when I was trying to copy text from dom0 Console via clipboard to
the Vault domain, I read the same article and it says:

> 1. Use the **Qubes Clipboard** widget:
>   - Copy text to the clipboard normally in dom0.
>   - Click the **Qubes Clipboard** icon in the Notification Area

But I can't find a Qubes Clipboard icon in the Notification Area. I'm
not even sure where the Notification Area is - is it the Task Bar at the
top of the screen? All notifications seem to cascade down the right side
of the screen, and there's definitely no icon there.

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