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> In the official documentation "Copying from (and to) dom0", there is no
> mention at all of how to copy text via the clipboard from a domain to
> dom0. What is the method to use?

Copying from dom0 to an AppVM is ok, as dom0 has to be trusted. The
opposite way you are moving data from a more untrusted source to dom0. This
includes a risk (from a "beeing reasonable secure perspective").

The way I do it, is to use "xclip" which is installed in the AppVM
Xclip can be used to copy the content of the clipboard to a file or the
other way around.
Therefore you could write a script in dom0 which will take the AppVM
clipboard content inside the appbm store it in a file and then use pass-io
or qvm-copy to move the data from the AppVM to dom0 and - if you install
xclip in dom0 - even to the clipboard of dom0.

I'm using xclip to move screenshots from dom0 to the AppVM, if you look
into the script you will be able to get an idea how xclip works.



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