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>> 799:
>>> Hello
>>> <duc...@disroot.org> schrieb am So., 22. Sep. 2019, 13:40:
>>>> In the official documentation "Copying from (and to) dom0", there is no
>>>> mention at all of how to copy text via the clipboard from a domain to
>>>> dom0. What is the method to use?
>>> Copying from dom0 to an AppVM is ok, as dom0 has to be trusted. 
>> But how is this done? Like I say, the official documentation references
>> a **Qubes Clipboard** widget, but I can't seem to locate it in practice.
>> Sorry if I'm overlooking something very simple.
> Look in panel - there should be qui-clipboard widget. (icon in KDE is
> usual "copy" icon.)
> Click and there is option to "Copy dom0 clipboard"
> If you don't see it check that qui-clipboard is running in dom0

I've just booted Qubes and for the _first time ever_ I have a clipboard
icon sitting between the drive widget and the network widget. I know for
a fact this wasn't present on any other boot occasion... Spooky isn't
the word for it.

Murphy's Law:  A problem will be reproducible up until the point you
attempt to demonstrate it to, or elicit help from, support personnel.

But it's there now. Hopefully it'll be there on every subsequent boot.


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