> I was able to update and install apps in the debian-10 template however 
> neither the AppVM nor the template would open through any of the methods I 
> use to run vms. This might be because I loaded too many apps I did not test 
> the AppVM until I overloaded it with every app in the book. Ironically, my 
> mmain intrest was loading spotigy, chrome and opera in the Template, none 
> of which I got around to, but everything that was actually in the 
> repositories did finally seem to install (only after I followed the 
> procedure outlined in responses to this thread0.

Fortunately, I have Qubes 4.0 or 4.01 on another machine, which I am using 
now. The other one seems to create decent AppVMS from the original template 
backup and one intermediary which has a few apps on it. So it is unclear 
whether the problem is with the process or the distro or maybe just, there 
is some limit to how many apps. And I did install many more than I would 
actually need, mostly to test them, but thus violating the basic security 
principle of avoiding bloat and presenting a minimal attack surface. ;-/ 

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