The last message on the console is always "[OK] Started Monitoring of LVM2 mirrors, snapshots, etc. using dmeventd or progress polling" at which point it just hangs. The cursor doesn't blink, and pressing enter doesn't do anything. Some keys cause it to beep, though, and it does respond to ctrl-alt-delete by rebooting after a few seconds, but the screen remains completely frozen during that time. So it feels like it's running normally except the screen is frozen. 4.0.1 installer worked fine on the same machine.

Any ideas on how to debug something like this?

Okay, so oddly enough I was able to get past this by pressing ctrl-alt-f1 repeatedly during dom0 init (systemd), **before** it freezes. At that point I could see the anaconda shell, followed by the graphical installer.

The installation went fine, but now I'm experiencing the same problem when booting the installed OS. It hangs at "Starting Show Plymouth Boot Screen... Starting dracut initqueue hook...", just before it should prompt for the disk password. I was able to get to the console-based (not graphical) disk password prompt a few times by pressing random keys, but I can't make it work reliably (or I don't know what I did exactly). Once again, it responds to ctrl-alt-delete but the screen is frozen.

In both cases (installer and installed), it seems to freeze within a few lines of "Starting Show Plymouth Boot Screen". So I have a feeling it's being caused when Plymouth tries to switch into graphical mode.

Any ideas would be helpful. Is there any way to make it boot in text mode up until lightdm?

Note, I'm using AMD Vega graphics, there is no dGPU, and neither of these problems were present on 4.0.1, even under kernel 4.19.

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