>> Is there actually anyone working on the hidden OS option for the 
>> linux? Would be very much appreciated. 
> Hah. I actually did something like this by accident the first time I 
> installed Qubes.  I had KDE neon installed, and I couldn't get it to dual 
> boot correctly.  It turned out that the order in which I installed the OSes 
> made a difference.  
> In any case, my laptop has two drives -- a 256G SSD and a 1 TB conventional 
> hard drive.  I got frustrated trying to get it to work, so simply installed 
> one OS on the SSD and one on the hard drive, each with it's own MBR, UEFI 
> setup and grub.  So, if you turned the machine on, it defaulted to booting 
> into KDE neon, and booted from the hard drive.  If I wanted to boot from 
> Qubes, I had to frantically hit the escape key and choose to boot from the 
> MBR on the SSD in the BIOS/startup menu.
> I thought it was kind of cool, but decided I was wasting disk space so 
> deleted everything when rc2 came out and just use Qubes now -- though I 
> wish KDE worked better...
> billo

If you're travelling to the US, then there's /some/ good news:

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