Slightly Different:
> I downloaded Qubes-R4.0.1-x86_64.iso from 
> and used 
> rufus-3.8.exe to burn the ISO file on an empty 64GB USB flash drive.
> After that I rebooted my computer, started it in BIOS mode and made sure to 
> run the iso file from the 64GB USB flash drive. 
> Qubes OS boots up for the first time and I selected "Test this media & 
> install Qubes R4.0.1"
> After that I saw some command lines and then I saw the welcome screen. 
> But it said "WELCOME TO QUBES R4.0.2-rc3" instead of R4.0.1

Are you sure you didn't download the wrong ISO? Did the SHA256 digest match?
> In that same welcome screen I set English (United States) as language during 
> the installation process.
> I hit the continue button and after that nothing happened. It looked like it 
> is frozen. I waited a while, way longer than what the installation guide 
> incidated, but it still doesn't do anything.

Try choosing the Install option that does not test media.

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