On Thursday, December 19, 2019 at 12:09:26 PM UTC-5, Brendan Hoar wrote:
> This script shows the approach I take for an ephemerally keyed lvm pool:
>   https://pastebin.com/LDKKwsWW
And of course, since I was in a hurry, I see typos and better possible 
edits in the explanatory text it displays after it runs.

In any case: while you can use the disk space widget to see primary pool 
data usage, I recommend you use lvs to determine your primary pool data 
usage % *and* metadata usage %. Qubes R4.1 will show both.

Also, review the VMs you intend to put in the new pool. Little to no space 
is used until the VMs and associated templates are copied over to it. So in 
addition to copies of the VMs/templates, additional work you do with data 
in the new pool will use storage in the primary pool, until you remove it 
(either by exiting the script correctly or by manually removing via 
lvremove if you did not exit the script correctly).

A full pool is a dead pool.


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