December 20, 2019 2:19 PM, "Claudia" <> wrote:
> I decided I'm going to try the dual-ESP approach first and see if it works. 
> If not, then I'll try
> the EFI directory hack.
> I formatted my disk like: ESP, /boot, root, ESP, /boot, root, (swap); and 
> installed Qubes into the
> first "slot". I still have to install another Qubes instance into the second 
> "slot" and make sure
> they both work. I'll follow up when I do.

The dual ESP approach seems to be working fine for me, but you do have to 
manually fiddle around with efibootmgr. The installer overwrites existing Qubes 
entries, although I'm not sure what exactly it looks for. Maybe changing the 
label would be sufficient to preserve it.

Dual booting R4.1 and R4.0, both using btrfs on dm-crypt. I can't speak to how 
LVM or anything else might be affected.

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