> The only remaining problem here might be that /dev/sda3 doesn't 
> reference the same drive on each dom0 boot process... 
> So you'd have to write ... Alternatively  you could  ...

Another option is to label the filesystem, say with 

tune2fs -L foo /dev/sda3

Then, instead of the /dev/xxx entry in fstab, use LABEL=foo like this

LABEL=foo   /mnt/tmp    auto user,rw 0 0

That way it will find the relevant partition, even if it moves around in 
the partition table on the real disk, or if it appears on a different 
virtual disk.(not yet tested on Qubes, but this is my normal way of making 
fstab entries persist)

You can also do the same using UUIDs, but I prefer to use meaningful 
identifiers. I am old-school in that respect.


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